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Bespoke Software Development

At Cloud Software Systems we specialise in bespoke software application development. We offer bespoke software service where we can not only build to your design but can also offer business analysis and end to end software development and support from our offices in Aberdeen.

We have worked on many projects for many clients in many industries. From fully syncronised reporting systems that perform multiple calculations and assessments providing detailed and dashboard reports to various stakeholders for oil production monitoring to medical stock control systems and reports to CRM's, CMS's and just about everything in between. We can scale up our services to fit most projects and just as easily deal with smaller developments.

With our experience in the industry we can add a lot more value than our competitors. We use local suppliers, employ a local workforce and use current technologies. We can also project manage the entire process and include data cleansing, duplicate removal, on or off site training and competative hosting with ongoing support.

RAD - Rapid Application Development

Our bespoke applications are built on our rapid application development (RAD) platform flexViews and therefore the usual concerns about developpment time when going bespoke do not apply.

Coding languages

Our team has a broad range of coding experience and will always suggest the best fit for the project. We adhere to coding best practices and use source control on all our projects. For additional peace of mind we can set up and place your project in ESCROW for the duration of the development until final delivery or perpetually to give you additional peace of mind.

We write in: C#, VB.NET, PHP, CSS, HTML5, ASP.NET, Javascript, XSLT, flexViews, T-SQL, SQL, mySQL, PL/SQL, XAML

And use the following technologies / formats: XML, JSON, jQuery, .NET, .NET core, UWP, Hololens, WebApi, MVC and EF

Cost savings

Our bespoke software solutions provide our clients with a competative edge over their competitors and the oppertunity to deliver cost savings by improving the efficiency of internal business processes.

Integrate applications

Bespoke software allows you to integrate other applications, services, databases, datasets and processes to streamline your business processes and

The process

The typical process starts of by examining your existing systems, finding out what works, what doesent and what is missing. We talk with any stakeholders and work with you and your team to document and analyse to ensure that nothing is missed out. From there we research and our experienced application developers apply their knowledge of application design and software development to write a system specification. This specification is then given to the client to view and then a meeting is called to discuss and answer any questions, after signoff has been given the application build process begins and the application is typically shown to clients as it progresses to address any usability problems that may not be obvious from the system specification. Once the system is complete the software is delivered and then our support team take over.


  • Research and analyse
  • Consult with stakeholders
  • Look at existing systems
  • Explore integration
  • Create system requirements doc


  • List requirements
  • Plan application
  • Create technical specification
  • Internal QA
  • Client signoff


  • Project development meeting
  • Setup source control
  • Build application
  • Internal QA signoff
  • Test system


  • Daily backups
  • Real time monitoring
  • Competative SLA's
  • Dedicated helpdesk
  • Online self help

Replace spreadsheet "applications"

A lot of our clients come to us to replace their existing workflow that is built around spreadsheets. Whilst spreadsheets have advantages such as familiarity with staff and ease of use they are not databases. Often the spreadsheets that we are shown have errors in the calculations due to changes made by a member of staff along the way, by contrast our database applications ensure that calculations can not be changed and that data integrity is preserved.

We can use your spreadsheets as a starting point to identify data structure, calculations and the views that staff require to perform their roles.

Built using flexViews™

Our approach to building bespoke software is influenced by our software development platform, flexViews. flexViews is a software platform and development tool built by Cloud Software Systems to fill a market need for Rapid Application Development with a stable and up-datable environment. Using the latest Microsoft technologies and best practices flexViews provides the best of both worlds, a stable environment in use daily by hundreds of other users and companies and a Rapid Application Development tool and methodology. This enables bespoke software to retain its unique business processes and design but have the dependability and update-ability of a commercially available software product.

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