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Building software using Microsoft technologiesSoftware built using Microsoft technologies, deployed on Microsoft platforms
Providing software to the renewable energy sectorProviding bespoke database driven applications to the renewable energy sector
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Working with single or multiple data sources our dashboarding solutions can directly report on your data, summarise data streams and display your data with dynamic dashboards.

Additionally we can include a layer of business logica middle layer to cleanse, normalise and perform calculations to enable us to preserve business processes and report on your data in any way you may require.

We can read data from many different data channels including but not limited to; API calls to other software, direct database connections, spreasheet and CSV upload and FTP calls.

Multiple data sources

  • External API
  • External databases
  • Internal databases
  • XLS, SQl, MySQL
  • Oracle

Web based deployment

  • Internet or Intranet based
  • Access from anywhere
  • Multi point geographic servers
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • No software to install

Real-time analytics

  • Real-time dynamic calculations
  • Grouped datasets

Mobile device compliant

  • Tested on multiple platforms
  • Touch screen enabled
  • Low bandwith optimised
  • Custom mobile screens available
  • No app / addons required

Secure data

  • Encrypted application data
  • Above industry standard encryption
  • Microsoft single sign-on capable
  • Automatic timeout
  • Role based access

Export data

  • Export data directly to Excel
  • Save snapshots of charts as pdf
  • Export to custom file types

User Administration

  • Export data directly to Excel
  • Save snapshots of charts as pdf
  • Export to custom file types

Built using flexViews™

Our approach to building dashboards is influenced by our software development platform, flexViews. flexViews is a software platform and development tool built by Cloud Software Systems to fill a market need for Rapid Application Development with a stable and up-datable environment. Using the latest Microsoft technologies and best practices flexViews provides the best of both worlds, a stable environment in use daily by hundreds of other users and companies and a Rapid Application Development tool and methodology. This enables bespoke dashboards to retain their own unique business processes and design but have the dependability and update-ability of a commercially available software product.

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